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Mireille Nagourney stresses that the pillars of her new Paris-based e-boutique are unconditional quality, craftsmanship, and true luxury. French born Nagourney is the 26-year-old founder and fashion director of Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi, which launched worldwide on November 30. The minimalist approach to the website creates a modern look that is easy to navigate. Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi’s motto, “Because Style is a Constant” stands out on the muted colors of the homepage aside the shop’s logo. Singer Julien Jacob’s Nacrol is playing in the background, a song that seems very fitting given the contemporary aesthetic.

With the advent of online mega-retailers offering up every brand, style, and trend with little to no editing of inventory, there is something to be said for the boutique vibe to Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi’s website.  The multi-brand retailer carries apparel, accessories and lifestyle goods from Catherine Michiels, Ila&I, Fenton, Fiona Paxton, Me&Ro, Judith Haas, 49 SQ.MI., Bulga, LIP watches, Zoeppritz cashmere scarves and throws, and Catherine Memmi candles. It’s no accident that there is a very niche feel to the website, according to Nagourney, who chooses to work with labels that have relatively restrictive sales policies.  She is the only one in France carrying many of designers featured on Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi, which she says further adds to the boutique factor and exclusivity of her brand.

“They don’t sell to everyone, which I like, and they pick who they work with. They all have this approach that fit well with the values of the brand,” Nagourney said, “Catherine Michiels for example, there is only one other store that carries her in Paris besides me. Other than that, no one else sells it here.”


Previously, Nagourney worked as an intern at Chanel in Paris and as a sales executive for Linda Farrow in London before returning to Paris to pursue her dreams of opening her own boutique. Giving herself a year to bring her vision to fruition, she decided to go by way of the internet and open an online store.

“Online media outlets reach such an enormous amount of people everyday. Traditional media is constantly changing and you can always update and I think its so important to be online and not just traditional media,” said Nagourney of her well thought out decision to launch an e-boutique versus opening an actual store, “With a couple of clicks you can do it from wherever you want. It’s easy, its simple and you get the goods delivered wherever you want.”

In addition to the handpicked designer selection available at Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi, Nagourney believes that half the experience of luxury shopping lies in the details. She works with a calligrapher to hand write personalized notes and even has a member of her staff whose entire focus is to prepare the products and wrap them exquisitely. There is also a gifting feature available on the website that allows the shopper to decide exactly what date they would like their gift to arrive on.

“If you are shopping for someone’s birthday and you want it to be delivered for that day, you can shop now and say what date you want it delivered by and we will ship it so it gets there the day,” said Nagourney, “When I say that it’s a niche boutique, its all about satisfying the customer’s needs, but and at the same time being practical. You don’t necessarily have time to go shopping three to five days before someone’s birthday, but a month before you can, and this is the perfect way of doing it. It’s the little added touches that make it an enjoyable experience from start to finish.”

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