Jay-Z to Design New NBA Uniforms For The Nets

Spencer Cain

Since Jay-Z sort of does everything, this news really doesn’t surprise me. Mr. Carter, who is part owner of the New Jersey Nets (Mr. Kim Kardashian‘s team), is currently in the process of moving the boys to his beloved Brooklyn — where they will aptly be renamed the Brooklyn Nets. A new name and a new attitude requires a new look, don’t you think?

Instead of leaving it up to someone else, Jay-Z is taking matters into his own hands. The entrepreneur is teaming up with Adidas to design new outfits for the players, with completely new logos and team colors.

Generally I would be nervous about this type of situation, but in this instance it makes sense. Sure, Jay can turn out a sharp suit, but he tends to keep it casual in jeans and a white t-shirt (…and a watch that costs more than a yacht on his wrist). Still, if anyone knows a jersey, it’s Jay. (Besides, he always has his BFF and fashion addict Kanye West on call if he needs any advice.)

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