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Jared Leto Was Not At StyleCaster’s Holiday Party Last Night

Jared Leto Was Not At StyleCaster’s Holiday Party Last Night

Jared Leto Was Not At StyleCaster’s Holiday Party Last Night
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So, StyleCaster celebrated something last night.

I guess you could say it was the holidays. You could also say it was the fact that it was a Thursday. But most of all, we toasted to the overall creativity of our community, partners, peers, and, well, maybe each other. (Yeah, I said it. We high five a lot.)

First, you have the venue. StyleCaster’s annually epic holiday party took place at W.I.P. (the Greenhouse storage space turned live art show-meets-night club). The murals on the walls get taken down and shipped to the likes of Art Basel in effort to support the extremely talented artists who created it.

Then let’s look at the musical madness of the evening.

The 4th annual holiday celebration welcomed a power line-up of DJs to the booth, including: StyleCaster’s “What’s Next” editor Susie G and StyleCaster veteran and Lower East Side “It” guy Neil Jackson, as DJ Chelsea Leyland headlined the evening with her charm and charisma as the “Fashion DJ” of the moment.

With guys like Kid Cudi, Jonathan Groff (Glee), and many many Silicon Alley CEOs around, the rager was filled with some of New York’s most tasteful tastemakers. And even though many guests had thought Jared Leto was also at our party last night, it was just only a doppelganger.

Since we know StyleCaster guests are never without something to say for themselves, everyone had a chance to “tag” the step and repeat. Check out the slide show for our very own work of graffiti art, as well as the cool kids who created it!

And of course nobody left empty handed. Here’s a rundown of the Ultimate Party Gift Bagcurated by StyleCaster:

  • Brilliantly bold bangles from Bauble Bar, the one stop shop for building your guilt-free jewelry box, so guests could look dazzling on their way to an after-after party
  • A gift certificate to Artspacethe premier online marketplace for contemporary art
  • Some snacks from our clutch food Pirate’s Booty (very necessary)
  • A little energy from the Vitamin B supplement Berocca (very necessary right now)
  • And Russian Standard Vodka shot glasses, with the recipes for the Moscow Mule, aka the secret sauce of the evening!

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