Japan’s Newest Cuisine Craze: Cakes That Look Like Bowls of Ramen

Meghan Blalock
ramen cake

Photos via Kotaku

If you look at the photo above and think you’re staring at a bowl of ramen noodle soup, you would be totally within reason to think so. And yet, you would be wrong! This image depicts Japan’s newest cuisine craze: cakes that look like bowls of ramen. Here’s what it looks like once you cut into it.

ramen cake 2

See! It’s cake.

Mind-blowing, right? Apparently these sweet treats have been on the rise for a while now, but here in America we are just now picking up on the trend, thanks to this nifty post that recently went up on Yahoo! Japan (don’t try to read it unless you’re fluent in Japanese). And now we’re utterly fascinated by them. Here’s what they look like on the shelf.
ramen cakes
If you’re not making a trip to Japan any time soon, fear not: there’s a full, easy-to-follow tutorial currently up on YouTube (which you can watch below!) on how to make this treat. It’s complex for sure, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Happy baking!

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