Find Out About James Franco’s Best Idea Ever

Spencer Cain

sipausa 111330301 Find Out About James Francos Best Idea Ever

Actor, writer, director, perpetual student and the dashing face of Gucci, James Franco is nothing if not an idea man. When he sets his mind to something, there’s absolutely no way it won’t get accomplished. If you don’t believe me, look at his career. And if you don’t have time to look at his career, just read his Wikipedia page and feel bad about your lack of motivation. I know I feel badly about mine!

Anyway, James is making the rounds with his good friends at Gucci (who have reportedly given him “more suits than he knows what to do with”) and this past week, he popped over to a cocktail party at its Fifth Avenue flagship where he shared some outstanding information with a WSJ reporter. First and foremost, James has never had a Bar Mitzvah — and he’s feeling left out. Let me tell you that this is a common emotion for those who did not get to celebrate their (wo)manhood in front of an awkward congregation of friends, family and randoms.

The Bar Mitzvah is a magical occasion and I am grateful to have had one. I am also grateful that I’m basically still living off of the gift money that I received.

In lieu of his lacking Bar Mitzvah past, James thinks Gucci should boldly go where no brands have gone before: a line of yarmulkes. Genius…or genius? Now, you can definitely scoop up some fancy looking yarmulkes decked out in personalized silk, but no major luxury brands have given ’em their own spin. Take it from somebody who grew up in Westchester: these would totally sell. Never has a double G looked so fierce.

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