James Franco’s Younger Brother Dave Shows Off His Junk To Save The Children

Spencer Cain

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While many people merely know Dave Franco as James‘ little brother, I think of him as an adorable cross between James and Zac Efron whose career is about to skyrocket. The actor is one of the stars of this week’s 21 Jump Street remake, and while I can’t say the previews particularly tickled my fancy, my guess is that it’s going to be a total smash.

The best thing about Dave is his sense of humor — as he showed in a recent Funny Or Die video, which featured some pretty raunchy shots. Clearly, Dave isn’t afraid to get a little freaky on camera — as demonstrated in the PSA he just shot for Complex. In a hilarious PSA for child safety (it’s also ACTUALLY informative and so f*cking true), Dave sheds his drawers for the sake of bringing awareness to the public. My guess is you won’t be complaining.

Watch below to laugh, cry and wish that you could walk home to find him casually chillin’ in your bed.

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