James Franco Goes All Dan Humphrey On Us For Amazon

Spencer Cain

It’s seriously pointless to express any sort of surprise when it’s revealed that James Franco is sinking his teeth into yet another project that he probably isn’t qualified for.

In addition to directing a jeans campaign, showing his ass on the cover of a magazine, being the face of Gucci, playing soap opera star, acting, and taking classes at what seems like 100 different colleges, he’s just sold his first novel to Amazon. The book, titled Actors Anonymous, will allegedly be a “fictionalized version of Mr. Franco’s experiences as an actor.”

This sounds sort of awesome, and I really hope he doesn’t hold back. I want all the gossip. Like, I want to know every single famous person he has had sex with, every famous person he has done drugs with and every famous person he has gotten into fistfights with. Okay, so maybe I’m dreaming a little too big here, but I’m sure there will be some juicy tidbits.

Oh, but seriously, could he be channeling Gossip Girl‘s resident literary dweeb Dan Humphrey any more? A tell-all book, that brooding face, that curly mop top. Sigh. Sometimes life really does imitate art. XOXO.

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