James Franco Gets Cheeky For Flaunt Magazine

Spencer Cain

Though the issue of Flaunt Magazine which features Gucci’s wonder boy James Franco‘s butt on the cover was released over two weeks ago, no one took notice until yesterday. How did something like this happen, especially when it seemed like everyone was eating out of the palm of his hand last year? Is it perhaps because Franco became somewhat overexposed, and people were sick and tired of hearing about his latest endeavors (like attending basically every Ivy League college in the country while subsequently appearing on a soap opera)?

Well, regardless, this is not the most shocking move we have seen from Franco. He appeared in a Terry Richardson (duh) spread for Candy Magazine, which is billed as “the first transversal style magazine,” wearing full drag. Many were surprised by this move, especially because it is widely known that Franco is not a homosexual. Clearly, he just has no boundaries, and is cool with exploring his “creative side” on a very, very large scale.

What do you guys think? Which is a more shocking move for James Franco? Vote below!

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