J.Crew Getting Sued: Can You Trademark Leopard?

Kerry Pieri

The totally respected Tony Duquette Inc. interior design firm is suing J.Crew over a leopard pattern, saying it infringes on the company’s trademarks.

When I read this, I was thinking, “didn’t leopards basically originate the, um, leopard spot?” But, apparently, the company took issue with the fact that “J. Crew promoted and sold its womens ‘Duquette Leopard Print Sweater’ without permission,” according to WWD.

The design firm is alleging that the comany’s “marks” are now connected with J.Crew, its advertisements, and most interestingly, J.Crew’s sweater now totally shows up in google first.

Duquette was synonymous with using the print in his interiors. It’s not entirely clear if this issue is the use of the name, or the use of the name with that pattern in particular. Either way, the plaintiff is seeking money, basically.

Photo: the sweater in question, J.Crew

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