It’s Lindsay’s Party, She Can Cry if She Wants To?


StyleCaster happened to stumble upon a major scene last night while out and about covering all the parties during NYFW — after our awesome event with Dove and Hpnotiq, of course. There we were, just waiting for the elevator to bring us up to the roof of the Standard Hotel, when we heard Lindsay Lohan going rounds with her mom Dina in a private employees-only room right next to us around 3:00 AM.

A loud banging on the door and cries of “Lindsay! Lindsay!” led us to sneak a peek, confirming it was in fact the Lohans (although we didn’t stick around to hear all the dirty details). But Lilo — wearing a low-cut white dress — looked visibly upset. (Kind of a bummer thing to happen right at the tail end of her hosting duties for the Lovecat magazine party that night at Le Bain.)

While it seemed like Dina was going back and forth between cajoling her daughter and exchanging sharp words, we can only confirm what we saw and add it to our long list of NYFW strange encounters of the celebrity variety. We later heard a rumor that Lilo had thrown a drink at someone that night — glass and all. Perhaps this was the reason behind our overheard commotion?

(Note: We contacted Lindsay’s rep for a comment, but our call was not returned as of press time.)

Photo Source: BFA/Sipa

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