Ask Isaac Mizrahi Anything At His Upcoming Cabaret Show

Leah Bourne

Good Shepherd Services Spring Party Hosted By Isaac MizrahiWe’ve loved Isaac Mizrahi for more than just his fashion abilities for quite some time. Remember Unzipped? The documentary followed Mizrahi as he created his Fall 2004 collection, and it was a precursor to shows like Project Runway. There was also a unforgettable Style Network talk show that the designer would bring his dog Harry on (pretty adorable if we do say so). Well, ever the entertainer, Mizrahi is set to debut a one man cabaret show called Ask Isaac! at the West Bank Cafe in Times Square this week. According to Mizrahi, “More than any other kind of performance, cabaret is like having dinner with them sitting in their laps for one hour and 10 minutes.”
As for what Mizrahi is going to talk about, it seems nothing is off limits. The designer said, “The idea is, if I really have the nerve, I really want the audience to ask me questions.”

He shared, “Everyone chooses to mess up their life in a certain way whether by taking too many drugs or too few drugs…Or there are vegans who smoke a pack of Camels a day and get tattooed, but they don’t think about the toxins of getting a tattoo.”
Not only will Mizrahi be getting personal with the audience, he plans to sing, backed up by the Ben Waltzer Quintet.

For a refresher course on Mizrahi’s awesomeness watch a clip from Unzipped here:

Ask Isaac! will take place on January 10, 24, and 25. For tickets visit

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