Is Your Cell Phone a Pain in the Neck (Literally)?

Jessica Hoppe

When I opted for that unlimited calling plan on my cellular device I was hoping to make life a bit less stressful; possibly save some money? But it seems you could end up paying double dividends to your chiropractor, as a new study reports unlimited texting may be giving you a real pain in the neck.

Doctors have seen the condition so frequently (especially among teens), they’re calling it “text neck” which is simply another name for forward head posture. This condition which has been around for years has recently gotten more attention after Dr. Dean Fishman renamed it. He tells the NY Daily News, “Nobody realized how severe it was until I put the name ‘text neck’ on it.”

Recently the Text Neck Institute was opened after seeing teenagers coming in with the condition — and not understanding what it was. We now know the condition causes frequent headaches and neck and shoulder pain that can eventually cause arthritic damage if left untreated.

And since we aren’t likely to put down our phones anytime soon, Dr. Fishman has invented the anti-text neck Android app (of course!) that helps users know if they’re holding their phone in a damaging way. If you don’t use the Android, he advises holding your head straight up and your phones at about a 90-degree angle when texting.

Basically sit/stand up straight and mind your posture — which is what your mother has been telling you since you were kid (minus the doctor bill).

[Photograph courtesy of the NY Daily News]

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