Is Pippa Middleton The Next Global Street Style Star?


Let me preface this by saying that it actually bothers me that Pippa Middleton gets pestered by the paparazzi. I mean, so what her sister snagged a prince and she was pretty much the hottest bridesmaid of all timeleave the poor girl (and her perfect bum) alone, right?

In the days since she donned her white Alexander McQueen gown for the Royal Wedding, shutterbugs have stalked her while she does even the most menial thingsshe’s been snapped shopping with friends, waiting around at the airport, paddle-boating with a boy, and even walking down the street by herself.

Aside from the fact that she’s Duchess Catherine’s sister and everyone in the world is secretly hoping that she hooks up with Prince Harry, why do people care enough to click through photo after photo of her? Perhaps it’s because she always looks cute. Chances are, if Pippa wears something in public, it will fly out of stores.

Her classic, clean-cut style is both accessible and timeless, and with her smart blazers, sundresses and blouses, she never looks overdone or out of place. And look! She can be trendy, toocheck out her denim-on-denim ensemble that’s done to perfection. However, I find her preppy choices to be a bit boring at times, and if she were walking around in New York or Paris, I doubt that street style photogs would be chasing her down to take her picture.

Are you inspired by Pippa’s street style, or do you think it’s kind of a snore?

Photos via ONTD!

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