Is Natural Really Better? Check Out This Elle Italia Cover

Kerry Pieri

Part of why I love fashion and magazines so much is the fantasy life they project. Vittoria Puccini is on the newest cover of Elle Italia, shot Dirk Vogel, above the headline, “Belle al Naturale” or natural beauty. Yes, this model is inarguably beautiful, but as the obsessive kids on the Fashion Spot Forums are saying, “it looks like her Facebook photo.”

I’d argue most girls have more makeup on than this for the FB profile pic. I know it’s a bit of a grainy image, but she looks kind of ruddy and her hair is quite lifeless. I like my covers with Rihanna in red lipstick and Kate Moss mostly naked.

Do you like seeing the real thing or do you prefer your magazines with a little Photoshop and mascara?

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