Is the Halston Name Cursed?

Kerry Pieri

The Observer is on the Halston magical mystery tour beat as sources are saying that the main people at the company SJP and Harvey Weinstein included began exiting it in the summer of 2010, even though the public is just finding out now. One person claims that Parker is not to blame, as the Hilco owned Halston was sort of a hot mess when the actress signed on, explaining to the paper, “It was a revolving door for staff. But she worked very hard and sales were up 40 per cent by the time she left. I don’t know how [the company] managed their books or what they leveraged, but now they say they need to raise cash and so are turning to licensing to do so.”

Other un-named persons are not being so kind, saying that SJP wasn’t quite doing her due diligence. She “had genuine passion for her work, but you can’t do both things – be a president of a clothing company and be an actress,” the source said, “She needed to focus on it. She didn’t have the management skills or the understanding of keeping price-points where they needed to be.”

I don’t think it’s shocking that an actress didn’t happen to be a stellar business woman people gain skill sets over time and publicity only takes you so far when a brand is mismanaged and the numbers aren’t in place. It’s just sad that after the original Halston brand was completely obliterated after the designer got all ahead of his time and went mass with a diffusion line, that now the relaunch is pretty much a bust as well. I’m going to go Netflix Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston in honor of the late designer.

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