Introducing the New StyleCaster Love Button

Rachel Siegel

Yes! Now I can finally share the last big feature of our new updateand its definitely awesome.

Starting soon, youll see a new button next to our Facebook share and Twitter buttons. The new button is our very own StyleCaster Love Button.

Dont know what were talking about? Get caught up on our brand new update by reading this article:If You Love Fashion, Youll Love This!

The Story:

Youve already seen our new StyleCaster feed, now meet the feature that will power it.

Whenever you see an article on the StyleCaster or Beauty High pages that you love, just click the “Love” button to have it shared on your StyleCaster profile.

What makes it different than the others? Simple: you dont like fashion, you love it.

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The new button will allow you to share your style with people that appreciate it, a community of fashion lovers from around the world.

How To Get Started:

If youre not a member you cant take advantage of the new “Love” button, so start by registering now.

Once youre all set up, check back here or keep an eye out for our announcement e-mail. Well be letting all members know once we launch our update.

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