Instagram Just Released a Major Update—Here’s What You Need to Know


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Watch out, Facebook Messenger—Instagram just released an updated group messaging function that’ll totally transform the way we share photos.

In the past, Instagram’s always been great for sharing snaps, @ tagging friends in comments, and the occasional private message—but group messaging? Not so much. Now, thanks to a total overhaul to the Instagram Direct feature, you can group message your friends privately straight through the app. While scrolling through your feed, you can now share any picture and its full caption (complete with the hashtag and location) in a private message to one or several of your friends.

instagram direct Instagram Just Released a Major Update—Heres What You Need to Know

Instagram now lets you share content from your feed in private messages. Photo: Instagram

The update is live now on the app, and is simple to use—just click on the brand-new arrow button that’s appearing underneath posts alongside the comment and heart icons to send it as a message. So now instead of tagging all your friends in a comment to point out a photo, you can start a private conversation and chat about it there. Useful, right?

You can use emoji in the messages (important!) and there’s also a new quick camera feature that lets you respond to messages with a selfie. To get started, update your Instagram app to begin using the shiny new feature.

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