Trump’s Ashley Smith: Model Moment

Kerry Pieri

Numero November 2010, Photo: Liz Collins

She’s currently on the cover of Russh, has been shot by Terry Richardson, walked Balenciaga, and is consistently compared to“Model of the Year” Lara Stone. She’s the current Topshop and Levi’s ad girl and she’s still chilling in the under 20 set, which means you better get used to seeing the gap-toothed smile of Ashley Smith. We’re calling super potential get to know this Texas beauty in a band who’s angling for a Pepsi commercial.

Age: 19

Hometown: Austin, Texas

What do you miss most about your hometown? I miss my Austin friends and all the delicious Tex-Mex restaurants.

Big Break? I don’t think I’ve hit my break yet. There are many things in life I want to accomplish, all with many different breaks.

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Photo: Will Davidson

Craziest thing youve been asked to do on an editorial shoot? The craziest thing someone has asked me to do on a shoot is a stunt team set me on fire on a tire swing in a Chanel dress. Nah, just kidding! That never happened. But I think that would make a cool shoot.

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Rushh Photo: Benny Horne

If you had to describe your style in x + x + x =me what would it be?
Oxford dropout + Jackson Pollock + neon purple corduroy

Dream photographer to work with? R.I.P Irving Penn 😦

Which models career do you admire? Linda Evangelista.

How does it feel to be compared to Lara Stone? Lara who?

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Jalouse Photo: Mason Poole

Dream publication or designer ad to be in?
Those old school Pepsi commercials like the one with Britney Spears and all the fireworks and background dancers. Must be fun!

Favorite editorial youve been in? I have to pick one? Impossible! Although I had a heck of a lot of fun running around France with the Jalouse crew! Jen, who owns the magazine, is a terrifically amazing lady!

Favorite Sunday afternoon movie? Pulp Fiction

What are three bands/singers or songs in rotation on your iPod? The Beach Boys, The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes.

Hollywood crush? Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Jalouse Photo: Edouard Plongeon

Whats one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I am super sensitive to sappy movies, especially on a plane for some reason. I get all teary-eyed and have to nonchalantly wipe them away so my neighbor doesn’t think I’m a total baby which I kind of am.

3 items of clothing you wear over and over again? My Cheap Monday jeans, my Balenciaga blue polka-dotted skirt and my YSL pumps.

Favorite feature? DUH! my ever so beautiful smile.
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Topshop Photo: Josh Olins

How would your best friend describe you in one sentence?
LAME! but she thinks everything is lame, so don’t mind her. Miss you Caroline!

All time favorite meal? Good ole’ southern food. Mashed potatoes, corn and chicken friend steak. Don’t forget the gravy!

Trend you wish would die? Mocc Socks.

Trend youre dying to try? Orangey-red lipstick

Best thing/worst thing about working in fashion? The best and worst part is the travel. At times you find yourself in the most amazing places. Other times, you’re flying back and forth from London or Paris just about every other day. If an earthquake Yahtzees the continents, I vote for a relocation of Paris and London attached on the side of Manhattan.

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Dazed & Confused Photo: Max Farago

Destination youd love to go to? Ireland, I’ve never been but I have a feeling it might be a beautiful place to have a wedding.

Biggest Fear? A cockroach cocktail! But I probably just watch too much Fear Factor.

Where will you ideally be in 5 years? Graduated from college with more than a BFA, a home with my sister Amanda and her son, with whom I also am in a band with!
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Lurve Photographer: Carlotta Manaigo

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