Tory Burch Talks Clothes, Kanye And Lucky Charms

Tory Burch Talks Clothes, Kanye And Lucky Charms
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StyleCaster: So first off, tell me about the collection today. What was your inspiration for Spring ’11?

Tory Burch: It was just this idea of elegant sportswear. We call it elegant sportif, and for me its just paring it down a little bit, simpler lines and playing with silhouette, and a little longer length. But just great looking sportswear, making a woman feel and look beautiful.

Is there anything that you do every season to get yourself into the design mindset?
Well, I always listen to music and its festive music

Whats on your playlist?
Oh gosh, you know anything from Kanye West to Van Morrison.

Were you there for his impromptu, um, concert at the Boom Boom Room?
Oh, the other night? No. I heard it was good, though. A late night, right? No, I was not[laughter]no, I was in bed!

Thats where I was, too. So is there anything else besides music?
Yeah. You know what, I do a lot of reading, and it sort of relaxes me. I love old books, but its really about music for me and taking a lot of baths [laughter] and relaxing. And playing with my kids.

So in terms of the Tory Burch brand are all of the clothes you design cohesive with your own personal style, or do you ever feel like you alter your designs to appeal to a more mass audience?
I think of it as more an extension of me actually; I dont really think of it in those terms at all, and hopefully people will like it. We try to ask, Did I try to design things that either I or my design team will wear? We try to think a lot about that.

Do you have a dream client or anyone in particular that youd love to see wearing your collection?
There are so many women I would be honored to see in our collection Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman for instance. They are both so chic and elegant.

What’s your favorite thing about Fashion Week?
My favorite part is showing our collection, when everything comes together after so much hard work.

Least favorite?
Probably the short nights of sleep.

You’re launching into denim for fall. How do you feel about denim on denim?
Its sometimes tricky but I think it could work if done well. Its funny, because recently I wore a denim shirt with a pair of jeans and I was like Oh, I don’t know.. but, you know, the way I accessorized it I think it worked out! I think its all about the accessorizing of it and the different washes together.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Well, I was a complete tomboy… I loved tennis, I played a lot. I played for my high school team and started it in college, and then dropped out… became more interested in partying. No, but I really loved tennis. Loved it, and I also thought about being a veterinarian.

Do you have any memories of embarrassing things you wore as a child?
Im sure many but actually one of the looks from the show, the sort of Mexican, bohemian sweater is from something I wore.

So were you thinking about that, what you wore as a child when you were designing the collection?
Actually, I think my whole upbringing is part of each collection.

Backtracking a bit to your FNO party, which was a madhouse I’m just curious, because I saw people dancing and having a great time, but were they actually shopping?
You know, I was really surprised because they were. We beat our numbers by 30 percent from last year. We had a great night… I was really surprised, but it really worked at least, it worked for us.

So are you doing anything to celebrate tonight? Or this weekend?
I’m going to hang with my kids and then go out with my design team for lunch.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Lucky Charms. With my kids. [laughter]

Thats amazing.
No, we had an egg white omelet too!

How old are your kids now? Any up-and-coming designers in the family?
One of my step-daughters works in design its great having her on our team. My boys are 9 and 12. Theyre not interested in fashion yet, but you never know!

So, any chance of expanding into men’s?
I would love to do menswear at some point. I have three brothers and three boys so the pressure is on!

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