Parsons And Louis Vuitton Set Out To Find The Next Marc

Kerry Pieri
Parsons And Louis Vuitton Set Out To Find The Next Marc
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I stopped by the SoHo Louis Vuitton store last night to get a peek at the future of fashion, so to speak. The French design house hosted a Project Runway style competition for Parsons The New School for Design students, in which teams were called upon to deconstruct some past season Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs samples and get all kinds of creative. The results of Reconstruction 2.0 were uber artistic works of art and a prize package worth its weight in fashion gold a trip to Paris to visit the brand’s museum and workshop.

The unabashed yell that was elicited when the winning team heard their name announced served as a sweet reminder for the jaded grown up fashion kids that this industry can be super exciting. “Louis Vuitton excels at many things, not least of which is artistry and futuristic design. They see nothing in it for themselves beyond furthering great design. And we love them for that,” Simon Collins, Dean of the school of fashion at Parsons, explained to me.

We also chatted the state of fashion with the engaging, funny, original downtown cool chick Patricia Field who served as a judge for the evening’s events. Read on to live the magic and click through the slide show above to see if you can spot the winner?

StyleCaster: So tell me, what are you thinking for this season?

Patricia Field: Im thinking less work, more money.

Fashion wise, what are you feeling like wearing all fall and winter?

Oh, I dont think about that too far in advance.

Who do you think are the people who embody fashion right now?

Well, I always think Victoria Beckham looks great because she has her own sense of style which is specifically hers, and she carries it all very well. So I always enjoy looking at her she always brings a smile to my face.

So what about new designers? Anybody youve got your eye on for any of your projects?

Well, of course it depends on the kind of people because some designers are very specialized, and theres a very narrow group of people who could wear their clothes, but that doesnt necessarily eradicate them as designers because theyre not as commercial. But then there are designers that are really commercial, that many people wear, and they are very good for that reason. For example, I think Alexander Wang is one of those designers. His designs are very good, and at the same time, theyre very, very wearable, and they just embody to me, American fashion. On the other hand, theres the design team called The Blonds, who make very specific high glamour, insane gorgeous fashion. And I love them equally, but for different reasons. You know, you dont have to love everyone in the same way.

What would you say is your style philosophy overall?

Just individuality. It requires interest and intelligence.

And is there anything that youre bringing into your boutique lately that youre really excited about?

Well, the most exciting thing for me at this point, is my website because its a new business and I like it, and it has no end, because you know, its the world. So its exciting.

What do you think of all the personal style bloggers who are putting their looks on their sites and getting so much attention?

I think that if people have a chance to be creative in any way, and they have an instrument to encourage that, I am totally all for it.

Do you have any projects that youre working on now?

I’m serving as a consultant for the CW on their new shows, specifically when they did their pilots, so they sent me six scripts of six pilots that they were doing. And I read the script and I just sent them pictures!

Thats outstanding.

It was outstanding. It was great, so I have a contract with them. It’s getting me towards my goal. (i.e less work more money) Keep the Benjamins rolling in. And then youre able to do things like this that are meaningful and touch people.


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Sex and the City stylist guru Pat Field.

The Parsons kids working pre-cocktail party.

And another one...

And another one...Are you digging the colorful vibe?

One final project.

Entitled: Ties That Bind...

The winner...Time Travel. Sorry I just gave it away like that....

Also stunning...

Is craft making a comeback?

Anything with the Italy boot is cool with me.

Outside the stellar store.

Dani Stahl of Interview fame.

Second in is Mr. Raemdonck from Parsons and Simon Collins on the other side of Pat Field.

A highly stylized gentleman.

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