Editorial Shoots: Get To Know The Kids That Make The Magic Happen


Andrew Evan Stinson, Photographer
105627 1290041214 Editorial Shoots: Get To Know The Kids That Make The Magic HappenOriginally set on the career track to photojournalism while studying at the University of Texas, Andrew Stinson has since found his calling in fashion photography. In Stinsons own words, the Texas-native found that it was more appealing creating something that wasnt already there than documenting something that already existed. That philosophy led Stinson to New York where hes clocked time working alongside notable photographers like Ben Watts and Joshua Jordan. Since breaking out on his own, Stinson finds that its the surprise and satisfaction of seeing a great finished product that keeps him coming back for more.

Martha Violante, Stylist
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A former fashion assistant turned market editor who evolved into a stylist, Martha Violante studied her chosen profession working with legends in the industry Alex White at W and Lori Goldstein. Now a thriving freelancer, the 27-year-old explains her philosophy on styling, as “always evolving. I always thought everyone has their aesthetic, but I think Ill always be evolving and changing.” The main influence on this Chicago girl is her adopted town of Brooklyn. “The street style is amazing,” she explains, “you can’t help but be influenced by your surroundings.” That ethos played perfectly into the Natural Selection editorial where Violante says,” The shoot was mostly about the environment for me upstate, woodsy environment and I wanted the clothes to play off that, so we went with a very clean aesthetic because the environment was a huge character for us.” -Kerry Pieri

Shannon Wall, Hairstylist
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Always dreaming of being a salon girl, Shannon Wall stepped into her neighborhood salon when she was 16 years old and never looked back. Always aspiring to try out what styles she saw on the streets, she turned that creativity into a career after attending beauty school at the age of 20. With a start at Bumble and Bumble, Shannon has since worked on countless shows and shoots and credits her inspiration to the good crews that she works with. -Rachel Adler

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