Camilla And Marc: The Sister-Brother Line Melds Aussie Vibes With High Fashion

Kerry Pieri
Camilla And Marc: The Sister-Brother Line Melds Aussie Vibes With High Fashion
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With their minimal designs with an essentials-gone-cooler vibe and a mostly spare use of color, one might imagine Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, the team behind Camilla and Marc, working away in an an industrial loft somewhere in Manhattan rather than in a beachy Australian city. This sister-brother pair, who launched the brand when it first showed at Australia Fashion Week in 2003, tow the line between a laid back Aussie disposition and high fashion.

We chatted with Camilla, one half of the design duo, to find out what it’s like working with your brother, the best places to chill out in Sydney and their surprising new direction. In the meantime, check out their Fall 2010 lookbook in the slide show above.

Whats it like working together? Any sibling rivalry?
We say this all the time we couldnt be in business with anyone else. We know each other inside and out; weve had all the arguments. We have the kind of relationship where you dont have to be careful with what you say. It saves a lot of time, actually.

Growing up were you both always creative? Did you ever think youd go into business together?
I think we were. Marc was interested in architecture and industry, and I was interested in fashion and art; together we make an interesting pair. When we were both doing our schooling I was studying fashion and he was studying engineering he’d come into my work room, and seeing my work was like a break for him. When I was asked by Fashion Week Australia to show my work, I approached Marc to help me. We knew we would do something at some stage, and we just thought ‘how about now?’ The rest is history.

How do you think Australia has influenced your designs?
Australians are relaxed and easy going people, so living in that environment helped create our aesthetic. Basically, you can go your own way and own direction. Our pieces can have the Australian feel but be on an international platform.

Wheres your go-to Aussie spot?
I always say you have to go to Bondi beach for a swim and a surf. I also love Sydney’s finest dining restaurant, Iceberg, which overlooks the whole beach.

Would you two ever relocate to any other city?
New York City if anywhere.

Your pieces definitely have that cool girl vibe what or who inspires you?
Whenever we design we think about friends and what they would want to wear and how they would wear it. Its the relationships with the people we think are cool who inspire us when it comes to style.

You just launched your swim line, and you’re definitely growing. Did you have a we finally made it moment where you considered your line a success?
I still feel like there is so much more to achieve. We feel we’ve made it in some way, but well never rest until weve achieved everything we can.

Which designers do you wear or admire?
I love Comme des Garons and Isabel Marant for accessories, but I really mostly wear Camilla and Marc, especially now that were doing more categories.

Favorite things to do?
I really just love to hang out with my family, especially my two little girls. It’s Australia, so of course we barbecue on the weekend and really just love relaxing, Pilates healthy fun stuff. You rarely come up for air, so when you do you better relax.

Give us a hint what do you have coming up for next season?
Were very much still working on it now. Youre going to see prints; we have some really beautiful, exciting prints, and were going for color which is different for us.

All photos courtesy of Camilla and Marc

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