The Blonds Have More Fun!

The Blonds Have More Fun!
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I know, I know I am late. I get it, Fashion Week is so eight days ago. I almost considered scratching this little article entirely, because let’s face it, no one wants to read about Fashion Week after the fact. I am going to go ahead and make up a statistic and say that due to New York Fashion Week, 76 percent of us still feel like throwing our computers out the window.

But then I thought. “Hold up, this is THE BLONDS!”

You see, for me, The Blonds are about way more than just a show during Fashion Week. The Blonds are about something that I feel is majorly lacking in this industry these days, and that something is…FUN! For The Blonds, it’s all about that stuff that you hate to admit you love: sparkles, feathers, spandex and, of course, showgirls. Yes, I said showgirls.

The Blonds opened their show with four Vegas showgirls dripping in inky sequins and feathered fans dancing to the tune of Madonna. Just when I was sitting there thinking to myself, “there is no way they can top this,” Phillipe Blond emerges in a skin-tight gem-encrusted tuxedo, blond curls that rival Ms. Monroe and a top hat just for effect.

We just had to chat with the aptly named Blonds and get in on some of that fun…

101076 1284689163 The Blonds Have More Fun!
Phillipe Blond

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David Blond

StyleCaster: First off, how does it feel to be the cherry on top of Fashion Week?

Phillipe Blond: We are so excited! It’s so much fun; we always try to do it at the end to give everyone a smile and relax everyone after this crazy week.

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Louboutin clad showgirls

Second huge question how are you going to top last season’s entrance?

David Blond: You’re going to have to wait and find out!
PB: It’s not about topping it, it’s different every single time, it’s going to have an impact but in a different way…
DB: Even more glamorous!
PB: Even more over the top! But, more focused. The collection has a lot of tailoring that we don’t normally do. Did you see the Barbies? They’re one-of-a-kind and then we’ll have a life size Barbie and Ken actually attending the show. I can’t wait to see him! I mean, I have a Ken of my own, but I cant wait to see him.

101068 1284689156 The Blonds Have More Fun!
Life-sized Barbie carrying custom one-of-a-kind Barbies designed by The Blonds.

What was the inspiration for this season?

PB: Black and white movies, old Hollywood movies, ’40s all about Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, the hair and the makeup but a more modern version, definitely more ladies’ and gentlemens’ clothes than the glamour gowns. It goes from as masculine as we can be to as feminine as possible it’s our version of a flower blooming but, like, covered in crystals. And the jewelry’s amazing!

101077 1284689164 The Blonds Have More Fun!

Who is the girl you imagine while you’re designing?

PB: It’s easy to get inspiration from the people who are our clients already; that’s usually what inspires us. Each one is actually represented within the collection, it’s a fun circle ’cause they are inspired by us and we are inspired by them. We listen to their music and it’s typically more musicians that wear our stuff we also have a lot of private clients. We make things to spice up your wardrobe once in awhile.
DB: I think this time around we are going to less of the underwear with the corsets and go into more outfits.
PB: They’re not only for stage or for the red carpet.
DB: Its really easy to integrate into your own wardrobe. Our message is just to inject glamour into your wardrobe, and life, whenever possible.

101069 1284689157 486x The Blonds Have More Fun!

101070 1284689158 486x The Blonds Have More Fun!

How did you meet? How did The Blonds come to be?

PB: We met one night out let’s put it that way.
DB: We met 10 years ago. We have been together for ten years, and designing for five.
PB: A wild night out. I’ll tell you later…

All photos by Janice Chou

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