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Ashley Smith On Her Five-Year Plan

Ashley Smith On Her Five-Year Plan

Ashley Smith has already done more in her 19 years of existence than most of us will do in a lifetime, and she’s nowhere close to being done. The gap-toothed beauty, who can currently be seen in T by Alexander Wang’s latest Spring ads with DJ Diplo, has big plans for her futureand they may not be quite what you’d expect.

I was lucky enough to get to know the effervescent teenager, who describes her style as “a bit dorky, Oxford School dropout, Jackson Pollock meets purple corduroy.” It sounds a little out there, but after talking to her for a bit, I kind of get it. Watch the amazing video, shot by StyleCaster’s Blake Martin, and you probably will, too. Just to forewarn you, you won’t be able to stop smilingshe just has that effect on people.

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  • lou sloane

    when you stated, Ashley Smith “has big plans for her future—and they may not be quite what you’d expect.” i was intrigued and thought you meant aspirations of being an mechanical engineer, or a stewardess, or a basketball player. and then i watched the video. because RIGHT. a model who wants to be an actress / dancer is completely outside the norm. seriously, you’re a writer?

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