I Want, I Need, I Can’t Live Without: Nakkna Tee


Tee shirts are my obsession. I blame it on my casual left coast and island up-bringing. I probably have a few dozen “almost perfect” tee-shirts piled in my closet ranging from vintage finds to stolen-from-an-old-boyfriend varieties…and growing. My requirements for a good tee are simple: light-as-air cotton (like the kind I wore as a kid growing up in the Philippines), perfectly slouchy and seriously sexy. I gushed about Ann Demeulemeester in an earlier blog because of all the intricate and beautiful designs she sent down her Spring runway but to be perfectly honest, the standout piece was the assymetrical tee layered under a black suit. It literally sent me on a tee-shirt binge. I’ve been shopping for similar versions this past week and happened upon a winner that could be a ringer for the runway version. This grey cube tee from Nakkna meets all of my requirements and drapes on the body like it was personalized and made to order. I am always on the hunt so please, please, please share with me your favorite tee shirt brands so I can continue to grow my personal collection.

Nakkna Grey Tee, $111.00 at http://www.ashtray.se

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