How To Treat Yourself For Any Type Of Valentine’s Day

Liz Doupnik

So, today is that fateful day that some either dread or anxiously anticipate. Valentine’s Day has not only come to mean roses and candlelight but also a whole lot of pressure. I mean, you not only have to sit through a stilted date with your hubby or realize how dreadfully alone you are but youalso have to deal with whining friends or a rushed primp in the office bathroom.

Whether you’re thinking about giving (or receiving!) a ring this V-Day or just want to sit and wallow alone gorging on ice cream in some sweats, one thing’s for sure: this day is meant for pampering. Cupid’s arrow is definitely flying so why not look and feel your best?

We decided to share a slew of different items that will make your target that much bigger for our favorite flying matchmaker. Click through the slideshow above for our favorite pampering picks!

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