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How STYLECASTER Fashion Editor Hilary George-Parkin Wears Crocs

Leah Faye Cooper
How STYLECASTER Fashion Editor Hilary George-Parkin Wears Crocs
Photo: Jens Ingvarsson

There was a time when Crocs were reserved for lounging on the deck, cleaning the garage, or making a quick run to the drugstore. But survey the current state of fashion, and it’s clear that that time has passed. Today, Crocs are appearing everywhere from the runway to feet of well-heeled fashion girls, including STYLECASTER’s own fashion editor Hilary George-Parkin.

Yes, this may throw some for a loop, especially in an age of four-figure over-the-knee boots and embellished platform pumps garnering so much of the style world’s adoration. However, with Crocs’ classic white clogs having a moment, we must admit: styling them is quite fun. Need proof? Below, George-Parkin shares her take on the trend, and shows how to wear Crocs three different ways. Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but she pretty much nails it.

Jens Ingvarsson

Jens Ingvarsson


“Crocs were the It shoe at my summer camp growing up, so I’ve definitely owned a handful of them over the years, and my family probably has half a dozen of them at our cottage in Canada (including a very cozy fleece-lined pair). That said, this was my first time wearing them in the city—turns out they’re just as comfortable here.

I’m very anti wearing flip-flops in the city, but I often need a shoe that’s just as comfortable and easy to slip on. These would be great to wear home from Pilates, barre, or SoulCycle—any class where I don’t need to wear sneakers, basically.”

Jens Ingvarsson

Jens Ingvarsson


“I’d usually wear white sneakers with this, but the Crocs make what’s otherwise a very standard outfit for me—leather jacket, sweatshirt, vintage cords—a little bit unexpected. Plus, I could run around all day and not worry about killing my feet.”

hgp crocs brunch How STYLECASTER Fashion Editor Hilary George Parkin Wears Crocs

Jens Ingvarsson


“I think of Crocs as a little bit nautical—they were originally a boating shoe, after all—so white and navy was an easy choice, even if it’s only a sea of mimosas I’m planning on floating in.”


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