10 Cool Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans This Summer

10 Cool Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans This Summer
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When it’s scorching hot out, one tends to favor breezy items, which is precisely why boyfriend jeans — with their slouchy fit, are the perfect go-to denim for summer. What’s more, they often come with plenty of rips, to ensure you stay cool — while looking even cooler.

Unlike when they first took the sartorial sphere by storm a few years ago, today’s boyfriend jeans come in a plethora of washes, lengths, and varying levels of bagginess, ensuring there’s a pair for every gal. Perhaps the best part about this borrowed-from-the-boys favorite, is how they can instantly transform the entire vibe of an outfit.

For instance, a printed silk blouse and stilettos look great with skinny jeans, but when you throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, suddenly your entire outfit has a masculine sensibility that’s arguably more modern, and definitely less predictable. And because the denim style makes such a strong statement by virtue of its fit, you don’t have to give the rest of your outfit that much thought, and can look totally pulled-together in a simple white t-shirt.

For evening, the  juxtaposition of slouchy pants with feminine heels looks rad (cuff your jeans to better display your shoes) and finally, add some statement jewelry to finish things off. We’ve highlighted 10 stylish ways to wear your boyfriend jeans this summer!

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