60 Stylish Ways To Wear a Basic Pair of Blue Jeans

60 Stylish Ways To Wear a Basic Pair of Blue Jeans
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When it comes to American fashion, nothing defines us better than denim. In fact, we’re willing to bet that no other material can single-handedly conjure up visions of Americana and its storied subcultures better: Greasers, cowboys, hippies, rappers, rockers—they’ve all put their own very different stamp on the same staple, and today, we’re just as connected to our own interpretations of denim, if not more so.

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Considering the sheer prevalence of styles available to us right now, it’s no wonder that—throughout the last decade or so—jeans have emerged as wear-anywhere essentials, as opposed to the basic, casual, anti-establishment staples they once were. From shorts and skirts, to colored and artfully-printed styles—not to mention broken-in jackets, vests, and overalls, we’ve taken denim to a whole new, staggeringly broad level.

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However, nothing comes close to the ubiquity of the classic 5-pocket blue jean. It’s probably one of the only pieces of fashion we all own—no matter what our personal style. To that end, we decided to highlight the wardrobe staple  with the above gallery, which showcases 60—yes 60!—different ways to wear a pair of blue jeans, from skinny and tapered styles, to ripped-up and flared versions.

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Click through to see some seriously inspiring ways to style your jeans, and let us know: which look do you like best?

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Click through to see 60 stylish outfits that all have one thing in common: Blue jeans! 

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