How To Spot a Fake Goyard Bag

Leah Bourne

goyard st louis mm tote bag blue How To Spot a Fake Goyard Bag
Buying a designer handbag is one of life’s greatest joys. However, nothing can burst your “Look at me and my brand new Goyard tote” bubble more than someone pointing out it’s actually a fake. Designer knockoffs have become a massive multi-billion dollar business—and because of that it is increasingly hard to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing. Here, some tips to keep in mind to make sure you are enjoying a real deal Goyard handbag.
1. The texture of a Goyard bag should be a bit bumpy considering the bags are hand-painted.
2. Authentic Goyard bags are made from special resin coated linen and are lined with a cotton/linen fabric that leaves the bag feeling extremely light unlike many of the fakes that are made from cheap cotton and vinyl.
3. Goyard bags come in a plain dust bag that is placed within a plain, unmarked brown box.
4. A Goyard bag will never come with plastic covered handles or leather tags on the handle.
5. Goyard bags are only sold at a small number of retail locations. Check the Goyard website to see if you are buying from an authorized Goyard store. If you are buying one of the bags second-hand, ask for the original receipt.
Have you ever bought a fake handbag by accident? Share your experience in the comments below!
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