How To Peel a Banana the Right Way (Because Apparently We’ve All Been Doing It Wrong)

Leah Bourne

banana peel coloring book colouring 1331px How To Peel a Banana the Right Way (Because Apparently Weve All Been Doing It Wrong)You take a lot of pride in what you eat, and your cooking techniques, which is why it will likely be a bit of a shock that you are probably doing one of the simplest cooking tasks around—peeling a banana—the wrong way.
Are you peeling bananas starting from the side with the stem? So are most people. It might seem counterintuitive, but the best method is actually to start from the other side of the banana.
A monkey opens the banana at the other end, making a tiny incision in the tip and then splitting the skin open. This method is less likely to bruise the banana, and the stalk acts as a neat holder, allowing you to easily eat all the way to the end of the flesh.
Start by grabbing the end without the stem between your index finger and your thumb. Press until the end splits in half. Then pull apart the banana peel using two hands. And voila, you are ready to enjoy your banana.
Yes, you’ve probably been peeling bananas wrong your whole life, so have we all. The good thing? It is an easy fix to make. So do as the monkeys do, and your life in the kitchen (not to mention your morning breakfast routine) will improve just a smidge. And it is a smidge that we will gladly take.
How do you peel your bananas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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