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How To Dress Up Jeans: 8 Ways To Make Your Denim Stand Out This Fall

How To Dress Up Jeans: 8 Ways To Make Your Denim Stand Out This Fall

October 8th, 2013
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    1. Pair it with sequins.

    A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, and the glittering effect of a good sequin piece is the quickest and easiest way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans. The only rule here, as always with items that are sparkly: don't go overboard. One piece—a jacket, a blouse, even an accessory—is plenty to add glam to your look.

    Photo: Fash For Fashion

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    2. Put it on top of a sleek pair of heels.

    Another really quick way to dress up your denim, whether it's a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a dress: slip some chic heels on your feet. A classic pair of black pumps will serve you well, but for those feeling a bit more adventurous: try wearing a pair of cute socks under your favorite summer sandals.

    Photo: Camile Over the Rainbow

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    3. Throw a blazer over it.

    For fall, few items come close to matching the chic appeal of a perfectly-fitting blazer, and this is especially true when you wear the jacket style with denim. Try it over a chambray shirt, as seen here, or more classically: with a solid blouse and your favorite pair of jeans.

    Photo: Christine Spinoula

  • dressy denim ceec design

    4. Wear it with a statement necklace.

    As a general rule, a statement necklace is a great way to dress up any look, but we love this particularly fashion-forward iteration: button your chambray blouse or dress all the way to the top button, then place the necklace over it.

    Photo: Ceec Design

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    5. Buy denim pieces in flattering, feminine silhouettes.

    Denim is no longer relagated to a pair of loose-fitting slacks. Take advantage of the multiplous options out there by trying denim dresses, flouncy denim skater skirts, or (our personal favorite) a knee-length pencil skirt in the fabric. And you can't go wrong by pairing these pieces with even more feminine accessories that offer a pop of color.

    Photo: Con Zapatos Nuevos

  • dressy denim fashion roadkill

    6. Wear it with leather.

    Ah, denim and leather: Fall's most stylish bed buddies. There is practically no way to wear this combination wrong, so feel free to experiment. We really love the idea of wearing a denim shirt with leather pants, but you could also try: a chambray blouse with a leather jacket draped over it, a denim jacket with leather sleeves for a more hard-rock appeal, or your favorite jeans with a leather T-shirt on top.

    Photo: Fashion Roadkill

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    7. Wear it with lace.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum from leather, we have lace. Pairing this delicate fabric with denim will give you an incredibly feminine appeal; and if you're more into the idea of being both hard-rock and feminine, combine all three.

    Photo: Vanessa Jackman

  • dressy denim sovavachic

    8. Wear it with a statement print.

    Another quick and easy approach to dressing up your favorite denim piece: pair it with your favorite print. Whether it's a strong floral, an eye-catching geometric pattern, or an on-trend leopard print, one piece of denim + one piece of print = style magic.

    Photo: So Vava Chic

Fall is, arguably, the most exciting time of year for fashion—if for no other reason than simply because with more layers come more options. And while fabrics like leather, knits, wool, and countless others populate your wardrobe options this season, there’s one staple that’s sure to make its presence readily known: denim.

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Back in the day, denim was viewed as a largely casual material—hence the “no jeans at work rule” that’s now largely defunct—but the educated public knows better these days. Dressed-up denim is a go-to choice for both a busy day at work and a celebratory night out on the town, and we’ve come up with eight solid ways to make sure your dressy denim game is on point.

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Click through the gallery to see creative ways to make your denim stand out this fall.  Whether it’s with sequins, leather, or some blingy jewels, you’ll definitely pick up some tips on how to dress up jeans!

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