How Rihanna And Chris Brown Played Us (And The World)

Spencer Cain

Three years after Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, forcing them both to miss their hotly-anticipated Grammys performances, the singers have collaborated on two sexy tracks — and caused a storm of controversy in the process. A few months ago, media outlets discussed the possibility that Brown and Rihanna were back together. This was never confirmed or denied, but by tweeting at each other and being spotted at the same L.A. clubs, it was apparent that something was going on.

Now, it’s unclear as to whether or not the duo are making more than music together. If you want my opinion (which you have no choice but to hear), I have a feeling that the lewd lyrics Brown slings at Rihanna (listen below) came to life a few times since the 2009 incident. And no one wants to say it, but I can’t blame them. When everything went down, they were both unbelievably young and confused. They were then forced to sever all contact in an order to save their public images. In the period between then and now, they both started to party. We all know what decisions a few too many vodka sodas can lead to — especially when something has been off-limits for quite some time.

Anyway, that’s not even the point. The point is, that by releasing two songs on Rihanna’s birthday (while tweeting back and forth flirtatiously at each other) was one of the wildest plays for publicity we have seen in awhile. Understandably, many people are furious by this questionable situation. Meanwhile, Perez and others who perpetually suck on the celebrity power teet, deem this “brilliant.” Frankly, I enjoy the songs to a degree, but they are far from brilliant. Additionally, the reality of the situation is as follows: we are not to judge either of them in this circumstance, as their actions are their own. However, this is a hugely irresponsible move on both of their parts. Will it break their banks and damage their stardom? Probably not, but it sends an incredibly alarming message to young people everywhere about how much they can get away with.

We will never know the real story about what went down on that infamous evening three years ago. Perhaps there was something that occurred that the media never got wind of. Maybe Rihanna wrongly felt guilty about something. Or again, maybe they were just young, stupid and volatile. Regardless, by reuniting, they have thoroughly thrown us off — and negated the validity of any of their previous statements.

Rihanna had the ability to empower women everywhere, but instead she settled for some catchy tunes. Was it worth it, or is this not the responsibility for a 24-year-old girl?

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