How to Play Hard To Get


When executed the proper way, playing hard to get can be an extremely powerful tool that will leave your crush (and most likely several other men) craving your attention. It’s all about balance and moderation – don’t be overtly eager or too elusive. Remember the whole point is to demonstrate your VALUE! Finding a happy medium can be difficult, but we’ve found some idiot-proof steps that will keep him coming back for more!

Image of Superior Quality
Okay, this doesn’t mean it’s time to turn on snob mode, it just means that gaining a guy’s respect is important when playing hard to get… It requires a good understanding of yourself and awareness of your sexual imprint, meaning why you are attracted to certain types of men but aren’t to others. Like prefering Lanvin over Emanuel Ungaro (thanks to Lindsey Lohan… see PFW, but still in general). At this stage flirting while out with your crush is important, but make sure to flirt with other guys in his presence. This is the baiting process; you want your guy to know that he has a chance, but he’ll have to work for it.

Knowledge of Appeal
Know what makes your current love interest tick. Hang out with him and ask questions. Knowing what he likes or dislikes in other girls will help you become his ultimate attraction, putting the power into your hands. You’ll become an intrigue to him, but make sure to understand your crush as a unique individual and not as an extension of yourself.

Worth The Chase
Throw predictability out the window. Men want a challenge; you’re valuable and only those who deserve you will earn you as a reward. At this point he’ll be drowning with anticipation. You’ll want to make him feel special without seeming too needy, otherwise he might start backing off. With a little assurance he will feel privileged that you’ve accepted him as a possibility and stay in the game with high hopes.

Ability to Impact
Think of yourself as an exclusive lifestyle that only a few others get to partake in. This will lead to creating strong future memories and bonds with your crush leaving him completely turned on by the thought of spending time with you. Hang out, but make sure to keep your space. Maintain a busy schedule to ensure that there will not be a loss of interest.

Sealing the Deal
Once you’ve reached this step with your crush, you can be sure that the feelings are mutual. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride. You’ve managed to stay irresistible, and a relationship is in the making.

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