How Much Does Rachel Zoe REALLY Spend on Baby Skylar?

Spencer Cain

While Mason Dash Disick may have a closetful of Ralph Lauren and Suri Cruise might tote Dolce & Gabbana purses like a pro, there’s obviously no baby in Hollywood with better style than Skylar Berman.

The son of super stylist Rachel Zoe is fast becoming the Imelda Marcos of the toddler set and obviously his shopaholic mom is the one we have to thank for all this kiddie couture goodness. After dressing various fashionistas like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and Demi Moore, not to mention starting the boho-chic trend with then BFF Nicole Richie, dripping her son in designer duds is second nature for Zoe.

After scoping a plethora of paparazzi shots featuring Skylar decked out in Missoni and Gucci, I had to know: How much has Rachel really spent on le petit prince? Well, now we officially have an answer! Apparently, she has shelled out approximately $90,000 on goods for his walk-in closet. Some items that helped amass this sum include numerous Tod’s loafers, a $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket and a pricey pair ofHerms boots. (Side note: it also hasn’t hurt Skylar’s swag that mommy’s famous fashionista friends include Margherita Missoni, who no doubt threw down for his baby shower gift.)

Being as I’ve seriously considered selling vital organs forHerms products, maybe I’ve finally found the perfect closet to burglarize. Just kidding — I’ll never be as tiny and chic as Sky (he’s my goal weight — one day!). But seriously, I’m all for his wonderous wardrobe, but perhaps mommy dearest might want to take into the consideration the many spit-ups, potty training snafus and general messiness all babies exhibit.

After all, it seems like such a shame to destroy many a designer dream over a dirty nappie.

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