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How Many Calories Are In Your Morning Coffee?

How Many Calories Are In Your Morning Coffee?

Your daily coffee stop is probably not helping your diet. A lot of us stop by our local Starbucks on the way to work for a cup of coffee. While coffee itself barely has any calories, everything we add to it can pack on the unnecessary calories.

If the morning lines at every Dunkin’ Donuts are telling us anything, a lot of people are masking the coffee taste with flavors and syrups, replacing coffee with calories as their daily caffeine intake. Did you know that a frappuccino can have up to 680 calories!? That’s over a third of your daily calorie intake; I won’t be ordering any mint chocolatey chip frappuccinos any time soon!

The ever-popular pumpkin spice latte, available seasonally, has 410 calories in it. If you are craving this fall treat, at least hold the whipped cream, and lower the calorie count to 340. If Dunkin Donuts is your morning stop, a small coffee with cream and sugar will only set you back 120 calories, but that’s still 120 calories for a drink that won’t even fill you up.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these high-calorie goodies. Instead of buying a cup of coffee every morning, try brewing your own coffee at home. This will remove you from the temptation of sugary and calorie-filled drinks. Not to mention that you won’t be throwing away a paper cup every morning, so you’ll be saving the Earth, too!

Try to learn to enjoy your coffee black, or with a bit of skim milk instead of cream. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee grinds before brewing for a calorie-free twist on flavored coffee. These tricks will save you both money and calories!

As for low or no-calorie sweeteners, a lot of them replace the calories with chemicals, so while you’re saving yourself extra calories, you’re still harming your body in other ways. If you can’t drink unsweetened coffee, a tiny bit of natural sugar works.

No time to make coffee every morning? You can still buy coffee, but pay attention to what you order. Order plain brewed coffee, 5 calories, and add a bit of skim milk, your cheapest and least-fattening option. If you prefer espresso drinks, request skim milk in your latte or cappuccino. Many places will use 2 percent, or even whole otherwise. Try not to order flavored lattes, which are made with calorie-filled sugary syrups. Baristas usually generously pump these calories into your drinks; if you insist on a flavor, specify just one or two pumps.

You may also consider switching from coffee to tea. Green tea still has caffeine in it (though not as much), plus a bonus of antioxidants, making it a healthy caffeine fix (but don’t mistake this for a green tea frappuccino, which has 650 calories in it).

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy a large mocha latte with whipped cream every now and then, but consider it a treat, not a routine.

  • Couture Cookie

    Black coffee is the best! I could never have anything else than that! :)


  • Zack

    More than 200 scientific tests have been done on aspartame. No health risks have ever been detected. There is a swarm of misinformation plaguing sweeteners and this article is not helping.

  • sue

    can’t stand black coffee, will drink green tea with honey at times. otherwise it’s coffee with my favorite creamer at home.

  • Dude

    The best thing I have found for replacing sweeteners in coffee is chocolate milk skim or 1%. Still has calories but not as many and still tastes great. Also the big fear about aspartame is fueled by the fact that it is also a nerve toxin. People would be surprized how much food we consume that has chemicals that are toxic to our nervous systems

  • J-bone

    Hurting your body with chemicals? Is this a joke? Seriously, where do you find these people? I guess since the emissions from peoples’ cars hurts me I shouldn’t go walking outside either. Stupid. Seriously, just stupid.

  • ladyd

    studies showed that aspartame causes tumors in mice and unborn children. Its also been proven that there is a link between acide reflux and GERD in children is link to artificial sweetners because they relax the opening to the stomach. You should always weigh the may out weigh the other. either way..BE INFORMED!!

  • Ronda

    FYI: Starbucks has a variety of suger free syrups. Just ask for your favorite drink ‘skinny’. Every little bit helps!

  • Kathryn

    I use skim milk and Stevia in my coffee! Pretty lo-cal and tastes just right. The milk is only to cool it enough to drink right away. Gets my engine going in the morning and I’m not adding on pounds.

  • Wolfeagle

    Love black coffee!

  • Dennis

    I slowly weened myself off of cream and sugar and now-surprising even myself, I drink it black and LOVE it. I actually truly enjoy the taste of the actual coffee and my tastes have improved. I can understand the more subtle flavors of the coffee now. As far as cooling down the coffee, I usually order it with a few ice cubes.

  • Luk3

    Syrups and whipped cream fattening? Wow, no way! Who would’ve ever thought it?!?!?

    What a stupid article. I wonder when I’m going to read about how the sky is blue or that grass is green. And that bit about “saving earth,” please… A paper cup doesn’t “harm earth,” certainly not to the extent of Al Gore’s private jet.

  • Laura in chelsea

    I love coffee! I use splenda, made from real sugar but with zero caleries. I also use fat-free Half&Half, the greatest of all discoveries! Creamy sweet coffee for 20-40 caleries depending how much creamer you use. Try it you’ll love it! Laura in Chelsea

  • Bette

    Laura – sadly the fat-free half & half is all sugar – high fructose corn sugar! Just something to think about.

  • damon

    i take it black with sugar in the raw or turbinado sugar which are natural.

  • damon

    yeah, but do u put cream in there?

  • damon

    oh hell no

  • Randy

    Try honey in your coffee is pretty good

  • Clicka

    I cannot understand why Americans make a coffee run each morning! It doesn’t take any more time to make your own and it is much cheaper. Add it up! .. for every day of the week! I’ve always had my coffee with no sugar in it. It’s a matter of habit. I told myself that the same should go for tea, and lo! no problem at all.. after a couple of tries.

  • Lloyd B. Smith

    There are good tasting, healthy alternatives to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Elevate your coffee experience with Boresha’s B-Skinny coffee. Its organic and burns fat plus it taste good. lloydb.igetpaidtodrinkcoffee .com

  • Jeaniebug

    I weaned myself too many years ago. My dad said if I would just make myself drink it black for 30 days I’d never want sugar or cream again. He was right! Have accidentally picked up someone else’s cup with sugar or sweetener in it and…ecchhh. Not good anymore.

  • Matt

    I take my coffee one of three ways: Black as night, black as sin, or black as the soul of the devil himself.

  • S Young

    There is a book by a doctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, called “Sweet Deception”. He has found all the scientific tests that say that there is nothing but health risks. Sugar is natural, aspartame is a chemical. Plain and simple.

  • Angie

    Amen dude! Ignorance is bliss is the stance most of the public takes – the FDA relies on the company selling the goods to say whether or not it is safe…hello – does America not see where the problem there could be?

  • Angie

    love it!

  • daily coffee drinker

    For those people who love coffee with cream and sweetener it’s ok to use the fake sweetener……if you are diabetic. Real sugar is very bad for your health.

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