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How Girls Flirt: An Expert Guide To Female Body Language

How Girls Flirt: An Expert Guide To Female Body Language


Last week, relationship expert Bree Maresca-Kramer gave us some great tips on how to read guys’ body language. Now it’s time to give the boys a little insight into how we work. Sometimes a hair twirl is just a hair twirl, but it can mean so much more.

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Ladies, is your body language unconsciously giving the guys in your life the “come and get it” vibe, or is it it telling him to get far away from you? Fellas, read on to find out a little more about the inner workings of female body language.

She likes you:

  • She will give you deliberate and direct eye contact with flirtatious glances away or down. In addition, her eyes will dilate and sparkle as you speak to her.

  • She will be all smiles. She will not be able to help herself if she likes you.
  • She will find ways to physically touch you while talking with you. For instance, she will gently touch your forearm or shoulder. In addition, she will lean into you while you’re talking.

She isn’t interested:

  • If her eyes are straying around the room and not focused intently on you, she is most likely not interested. Also if her eyes are not dilated, then she is not interested.
  • She seems physically uncomfortable around you. A woman who is interested in you will face you directly, lean in toward you and relax her body. Folded arms, a stiff back and leaning away from you are signs that she wants out of the situation.
  • If she makes no physical contact with you at all she does not touch your arm or leg when she is making a point then she is not into you.

SHE just wants to be friends:

  • She keeps her physical distance and does not respond physically to you, even when you flirt with her or throw out a double entendre in the conversation.

  • She will pat you while you hug her hello or goodbye.
  • She will look around the room at other guys while she is talking to you.

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Anne Vyalitsyna and Jon Kortajarena Photo:
Warren du Preez, Pepe Jeans

  • EJ

    Third bullet under “she likes you”– it’s “you’re”, not “your”. “In addition, she will lean into you while YOU’RE talking.” Facepalm.

  • peyton

    that’s all a buch of bologna.

  • Juan Mendes

    @EJ: It’s crazy how these online articles are so careless

  • Dan

    wow… how insightful… thank you so much… im going to go practice my new casanova skills

    /sarcasm off

    how does this shallow content make it on here

  • SM

    Guess so, but I actually do all the “not interested” actions when I AM interested. Guess I learned these wrong!

  • Chaz

    Complete ########.

  • Max Spencer

    In addition, she will lean into you while your talking. Or maybe, In addition, she will lean into you while you’re talking. Take your choice.

  • rk

    This is the expert’s guide? Not exactly groundbreaking information, but ok. (grammer/spelling police – Your the lamest people on the internet.)

  • charlie

    The headline: “How Girls Flirt . . . .”
    The photo: A man and a woman – excuse me, a “girl” – completely without clothing (or meant to look that way) and mere moments away from intercourse.
    The result: Complete nonsense with a soft-porn come-on.
    Thanks, “experts”.

  • Nit

    Subconsciously. Not unconsciously, because body language doesn’t count when you’re sleeping, passed out, or in a coma. I would think…but you’re the expert.

  • McBooger

    All smiles and sparkling eye’s could also reflect that she is high/tripping..
    Just sayin..

  • WeirdFish

    @McBooger: *eyes

  • CraigLiszt

    If she reaches in and gives your package a gentle tug, she’s probably into you

  • mk

    Re: First bullet under ‘she just wants to be friends’: If a man tries to woo me with double entendres I’ll definitely keep my physical distance. Not suave at all. Who writes these things?

  • Kerryman

    It’s “while you’re talking,” Andrea (and editor).
    …good; others already got this.

    RK, let me know where I can donate to your Ignorance Foundation.

  • Lisa

    What if she has ### with a guy on the first date? Does she like the guy, or just having meaningless ### or revenge ###?

  • Hey

    If you have alot of money, she’s probably into you. (into your money that is)

  • vjunior

    It’s bad enough there’s so much crime against women. This is a perfect example of what guys look for to take advantage of women. Perhaps if you wrote about something else that does not degrade women, it would be better.

  • D.Tubb

    Really???? What planet are you living on? What a bunch of dribble. Infantile.

  • Paul

    I am agreeing on the insights……seriously man it’s true.

  • JP

    This is really the worst “article” I’ve read. If a girl’s eyes are dilated to the point that you can see it while you are talking to her, then she must be on drugs, period. Whoever wrote this and whoever approved this for publication are simply idiots.

  • CS

    I think the only one of these that really seems like it would be consistent from lady to lady would be the dilation of the pupils. That is a physiological response that is entirely automatic.

    Unfortunately, I navigated to this article in hopes that it would be more advice like that. I was thoroughly disappointed at the useless shallowness seething from this waste of digital space and bandwidth.

  • Fiona

    This is not accurate. Not all women are going to touch a man they don’t really know yet. And if you’ve ever dated in NYC, most women here do the “not interested” when interested. Ditto for the men.

  • Eric


    And now, what little credibility could have been in this article is gone, because it’s been written by a 16 year old girl who never paid attention during spelling lessons.
    If you think caring about spelling and grammar is lame, especially in a “professional” setting, then you are grossly misguided. It says “I’m uneducated, and I don’t care.” If you are (ahem, you’re) a writer, then grammar and spelling is paramount to your job/craft.

  • Eric


    And now, what little credibility could have been in this article is gone, because it’s been written by a 16 year old girl who never paid attention during spelling lessons.

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