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Are Holograms Taking Over Hollywood?

Are Holograms Taking Over Hollywood?

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  • Elvis Presley.jpg

    Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber on one stage together? That could be a great show for both moms and their daughters! The Biebs does know who Elvis is, right?

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Rex Features
  • Seven Year Itch

    Marilyn Monroe invented Hollywood glamour and continues to influence women today. If brought back as a hologram, she could sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" one more time on national TV and more. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • Yoko Ono

    His wife may still be living, but the day John Lennon died is one that no one can forget. We would love to see him as a hologram either as a solo artist or with his Beatles bandmates, with George Harrison in hologram form as well.

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Do we really need to state why Audrey Hepburn needs to be brought back? "Breakfast At Tiffany's 2", anyone?

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • jimi-hendrix.jpg

    A hologram Jimi Hendrix is a call for another Woodstock.

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures /
  • Kurt_Cobain_Brushing_Teeth.jpg
    Kurt Cobain changed music for many teens back in the day. Imagine if he came back? What would David Grohl do?
    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / ©Jesse Frohman/courtesy of The Morrison Hotel Gallery
  • MEXIQUE: Selena Quintanilla-Perez assassinee

    Selena changed the music industry with her mix of Spanish and English songs. If we brought her back as a hologram, who knows what would happen. Jennifer Lopez might feel insulted a little. 

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / OCHOA/SIPA

    Bringing Michael Jackson back as a hologram is an absolute no-brainer. Who wouldn't want to see the King of Pop brought back for just one more concert?

    Photo: Stylecaster Pictures / Lee/Photoshot/AdMedia/Sipa
  • (FILES) In this June 22, 2007 file pictu

    Amy Winehouse would be perfect as a hologram. She could sing tons of duets, just like her very last album that was released.

    Photo: Getty Images / CARL DE SOUZA

Ever since Tupac appeared on stage at Coachella as a hologram, there have been hints here and there that bringing back beloved performers from the dead may just become the next “thing.” Talks of Justin Bieber performing with a hologram version of Elvis Presley have surfaced and, while girl group TLC confirmed that there will not be a hologram Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez at their reunion tour, they will have her projected on a screen behind them as they perform.

So, if holograms of dead celebrities start taking over, who would you want to see? Check out our slideshow above to see our picks for hologram performances and let us know who you would choose in the comment section below!

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