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Are Holograms Taking Over Hollywood?
  • Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber on one stage together? That could be a great show for both moms and their daughters! The Biebs does know who Elvis is, right?

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  • Marilyn Monroe invented Hollywood glamour and continues to influence women today. If brought back as a hologram, she could sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" one more time on national TV and more.

  • His wife may still be living, but the day John Lennon died is one that no one can forget. We would love to see him as a hologram either as a solo artist or with his Beatles bandmates, with George Harrison in hologram form as well.

  • Do we really need to state why Audrey Hepburn needs to be brought back? "Breakfast At Tiffany's 2", anyone?

  • A hologram Jimi Hendrix is a call for another Woodstock.

  • Kurt Cobain changed music for many teens back in the day. Imagine if he came back? What would David Grohl do?

    Photo: Hannah Elliott/Courtesy of The Morrison Hotel Gallery
  • Selena changed the music industry with her mix of Spanish and English songs. If we brought her back as a hologram, who knows what would happen. Jennifer Lopez might feel insulted a little.

  • Bringing Michael Jackson back as a hologram is an absolute no-brainer. Who wouldn't want to see the King of Pop brought back for just one more concert?

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Are Holograms Taking Over Hollywood?