Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Laurel Pinson

The holidays are literally just around the corner and we’re all on the hunt for some last minute gifts. Let’s face it though — we’ve all done things we’re not so proud of. Why not make up for it during the time crunch? We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite sites that give gifts while giving back to charity. Oh, and they’re all under $100!

  • The Life Tie Project While giving a tie to the man in your life may seem a bitclich, it’s actually something a man will use. The Life Tie donates 25% of the proceeds to cancer research and other disease research charities. With scarves for the women at $49 and ties for men ranging from $50 – $68, you can’t go wrong.
  • Compartes Chocolatier We here at StyleCaster love to munch on some tasty chocolate to get us through the hectic day — who doesn’t? So why not give the gift of deliciousness while doing good? Compartes offers chocolates for Darfur for $20 which allows you to give 3 gifts for the price of one — one set of mouth-watering chocolate, 1 Relief Beads bracelet, and a charitable donation to Darfur.
  • Beads For LifeArm parties are on the rise, even for men. While they don’t need to adorn their wrists like it’s summer camp, a little arm candy never hurt anyone. Enter in Beads For Life. For the price of $15, you’re able to get a stylish bracelet and help the women of Uganda.
  • TomsIt goes without saying that when giving back to charity,Toms is always there to help. For $44 you can get your guy a great pair of classic Toms. These shoes are perfect for lazy days around the house or running errands for the man on-the-go! Oh, and they’ll also donate a pair of shoes for every pair you purchase!
  • Warby Parker The glasses company will provide you with a pair of amazing glasses for the amazing price of $97. Not only optical glasses but also a nice pair of sunnies as well. Not only will you get a pair, but they’ll also donate a pair to a child in need!

So let us get the gifting under way because it’s crunch time. Let us know what your guy thinks of the gifts in the comments section below, or if you have any suggestions let us know!

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