• Read on to see 25 of the best gift ideas all under $25!

  • Anchor Striped Raglan T, $24.95; at Gap

  • "Grace: A Memoir" by Grace Coddington, $19.78; at Amazon

  • Black Aztec Ankle Socks, $10; at Topshop

  • Corduroy Sleeveless Dress, $19.90; at Uniqlo

  • Betsey Johnson Fish Stud Earrings, $23.99; at PiperLime

  • Bag, $12.95; at H&M

  • Sloped Sticky Notes, $15; at Opening Ceremony

  • Burt's Bees Best of Burt's Skincare Kit, $14.99; at Target

  • Govino Wine Glasses, $14; at MoMA Store

  • Set of 3 Scout Soaps, $18.95; at Crate & Barrel

  • Philosophy High Tea Tidings Set, $24; at Sephora

  • "Advanced Style" by Ari Seth Cohen, $22.17; at Amazon

  • Capri Blue Candle Tin, $14; at Anthropologie

  • Spitfire Autotuner Sunglasses, $25; at Revolve Clothing

  • Mini Bonsai Kit, $6.95; at Barnes & Noble

  • Dyntex Portable Speaker for iPod, $7.99; at Best Buy

  • Fireside Sleep Shortie, $19.50; at Victoria's Secret

  • Charbonnel et Walker Hollow Chocolate Figures, $12; at Bergdorf Goodman

  • "Marc Jacobs" by Bridget Foley, $25; at Shopbop

  • Le Creuset Mug, $24; at Williams-Sonoma

  • Chained to Me Double-Finger Ring, $16; at Urban Outfitters

  • Wool-Angora Glittens, $22.50; at J.Crew

  • Sporto Earmuffs, $17.99; at Macy's

  • Plush Scuff Slippers, $24; at Nordstrom

  • Deep Tea Infuser, $14.99; at ModCloth

Holiday Gifting 2012: 25 Perfect Presents Under $25

Holiday Gifting 2012: 25 Perfect Presents Under $25

Holiday Gifting 2012: 25 Perfect Presents Under $25
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If there’s one downside to holiday shopping, it’s that our budgets get stretched to the max. Between getting the big-ticket items out of the way for your parents, boyfriend or sibling, to snagging a few much-deserved self-indulgences, we’re often left with a full list of names to buy for without much left in the piggy bank. Conversely, there might be folks in your life that you’d like to give a little token—a colleague, an employee, your sister’s best friend—but on whom you really don’t want to spend a ton of cash.

That said, we’ve tracked down 25 fabulous gift ideas all under $25 that’ll make simply perfect gifts or stocking stuffers.

Read on to see 25 cute holiday tokens, all for under $25.

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