Holiday Gift Guide: The Well Dressed Gentleman

Holiday Gift Guide: The Well Dressed Gentleman
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Are you the finance man walking down Park Avenue with the slim fitted Tom Ford suit on? Or just the man who knows how to put an outfit together? Do you consider yourself a gentleman that takes good care of himself — knows exactly what works for him and what doesn’t?

Well then, this gift guide is for you. The art of dressing has made a serious comeback as of late. Personally, I respect a man that enjoys getting all gussied up in the morning, and so should you.

Since I consider myself one of these well dressed gentleman I speak of, let me tell you what I enjoy during the holiday season. I enjoy getting a gift that can go with anything in my closet. I need something that I’m actually going to use. What well groomed man wouldn’t love some designer duds?

But shoes? That’s risky business. We’re just as picky as our female counterparts. If you really want to impress us, go with accessories. Nothing shows you care more than surprising us with something like a good bag or a pair of sunglasses. And picking just the right thing will earn you some serious bonus points.

So click through the slideshow above for some great picks that are sure to please any dapper gentleman this holiday season!

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