20 Chic and Non-Cheesy Winter Décor Ideas

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I know, I know—Halloween is barely over, yet here we are, obsessing about how to decorate for Christmas this year. In fact, my boyfriend and I have already commenced fighting over how to handle the décor in our shared apartment for the holidays.

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The main argument? I want a tree, and he doesn’t. He’s anti all things holiday, especially if they’re sentimental or superficial. I’m also not even remotely religious—the holidays are a secular tradition for me, a sentimental time that gives us an excuse to spend time cozying up inside with our loved ones and also eat, drink, and party. What’s not to like about that?

Whether you’re atheist, Christian, or Jewish, if you’re like me and enjoy having a bit of sparkle around you during what can otherwise be a blah time of year, you’ll draw inspiration from these ideas. While some do include trees and the occasional whimsical reindeer, most are a festive way of celebrating winter. Think spruce branches, lots of candles, and plenty of gold and silver accents.

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Check out these 20 super-pretty and sophisticated holiday décor ideas. If anything will convince my S.O. to soften up and let me decorate, it’s these chic touches.

A version of this article was originally published in October 2016.

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20 Chic and Festive Winter Décor Ideas
20 Chic and Festive Winter Décor Ideas

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  • 20 Chic and Festive Winter Décor Ideas

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