20 Chic and Festive Winter Décor Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Basic

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It’s not even Halloween yet, but my boyfriend and I are already fighting over how to handle the décor in our shared apartment this holiday season. The main argument? I want a tree, and he doesn’t. He’s anti all things holiday, especially if they’re sentimental or something that he thinks became a thing just to drive consumers to spend money. I’m also not even remotely religious—the holidays are a secular tradition for me, a sentimental time that gives us an excuse to spend time cozying up inside with our loved ones and also eat, drink, and party. What’s not to like about that?

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Whether you’re atheist, Christian, or Jewish, if you’re like me and enjoy having a bit of sparkle around you during what’s otherwise a very blah time of year, you’ll draw inspiration from these ideas. While some do include trees and the occasional whimsical reindeer, most are a festive way of celebrating winter. Think spruce branches, lots of candles, and plenty of gold and silver accents.

Check out these 20 super-pretty and sophisticated holiday décor ideas. If anything will convince my S.O. to soften up and let me decorate, it’s these chic touches.

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