The Holiday A-List: Music Just Sounds So Much Better Through Designer Headphones

Leah Bourne

dolce gabbana and grado labs team up for mahogany wood headphones p5x9n The Holiday A List: Music Just Sounds So Much Better Through Designer HeadphonesWhen you are assessing what to buy the music lover this Christmas look no further than Dolce & Gabbana’s DS2012 headset created in collaboration with New York-based Grado Labs. What makes these headphones so spectacular is that they were created with precious mahogany wood.
Technically speaking, the DS2012’s ‘open-air’ technology allow for a clearer sound reproduction for both the high and low frequency bands, while its cushion design creates room for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener, making them one of the most comfortable headphones in the world.
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