The Holiday A-List: Five-Figure Coffee That Gives New Meaning to the Word Rich

Leah Bourne

kopi coffee The Holiday A List: Five Figure Coffee That Gives New Meaning to the Word Rich
So you like your coffee rich? But how rich are we talking? Kopi Luwak coffee is billed as the most luxurious coffee in the world. A special blend, Terra Nera ‘Kopi Luwak’ coffee is available to pre-order via Harrods at a price ranging from $225 to $10,910 (yes, that isn’t a typo, that is five figures for coffee).
The coffee is sourced from Quechua in the south-east of the Peruvian Andes, the coffee cherries are passed through the civet cat’s digestive system and are then hand-collected. The coffee is presented in a Kraft paper pouch which comes with a built in freshness valve. Those that buy the grade 0 coffee will also get a 24-carat gold plated sack engraved with the customer’s name.
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