H&M Website Crashes During Versace For H&M Cruise Launch

Laurel Pinson

Oh no, this was not good at all: TheH&M website apparently crashed today during the launch of theVersaceforH&Mcruise collection. From what we hear, eager online shoppers were unable to buy the highly anticipated line on the website, causing a big frustrating mess. Ugh.

We went over to the UK site and noticed the collection is mostly sold out except for a few items. Next stop? Ebay. Clearly, we weren’t too shocked to seepretty much the whole line already popping up.H&M tried its hand at damage control, Tweeting: “We’re very sorry for the tech problems during today’s #VersaceforHMlaunch. We’re working on expanding capacity for more visitors.”

If you do plan to get in on the Ebay action, be ready to spend (as expected), more than retail price for most items. For example, popular items like thewomen’s fruit-printed sun dress is listed at $395, even though it’s retailing at approx $92. Yeesh. Drama rama.

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