H&M Offers Up Virtual Lingerie Models To The Masses

Liz Doupnik

I’m pretty sure I can comfortably say that everyone in the StyleCaster office wishes they had Cher’s wardrobe and outfit coordinator from Clueless. I mean, what lucky girl gets to see how a look would appear on the best version of herself? Apparently, H&M wonders the same thing.

We’ve always been into H&M’s campaigns, as they manage to feature the model of the moment in an exciting and dynamic way. So, when we found out that they decided against using a well-known model or any model for that matter, we were left trying to figure out what exactly they were up to when they came up with the idea to do virtual bodies instead.

That’s right kiddies, H&M shot their new lingerie line on mannequins and then humanized them in a computer program. It’s awesome to see that we have the technology to create avatars to our liking, but the photos have definitely started some controversy in the blogosphere.

The faces are real (I spy an America’s Next Top Model in the mix), but the color tone and details were slightly adjusted to be more relatable for their shoppers. What do you think? Are these more realistic than seeing a normal model? Should e-retailers use real life models or go 100% tech and use virtual bodies? Tell us your thoughts!

Photo courtesy of H&M.

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