H&M Daily Mirror Winner: Jilly From Sorelle In Style

Summer K

Two stylish girls for the price of one? That’s what you get when you hit style blog, Sorelleinstyle. The site is run by two oh-so-chic sisters who capture the looks of the moment through their own unique interpretations. When Jilly graced us with her daily mirror entry, we couldn’t help but reward her for her efforts.

Yes, we love her simple DIY fashions, but this plaid shirt, cute trapper hat, skinny jeans and bangles aplenty cross the Midwestern mark and ride the wave of sassy urban style. Followed up by simple hair and make-up, Jilly embodies that cute girl you often see cruising your weekend farmers market or taking in the scene with a little pup in tow.

Feel inspired? You can channel Jilly’s fun and fashionable side with these select items from H&M:

Flannel shirt with tweed elbow patches: $29.95

Low-rise, slim-fit pants: $29.95

Suede platform pumps: $34.95

Chunky-knit hat with pompom: $9.95

Rigid hinged bangle: $5.95

*For more great holiday looks and inspirations, check out www.hm.com.

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