Hit The World’s Best Museums, No Pants Necessary!


Earlier this week Google launched Art Project, their most beautiful site yet. This website takes their well-known and much loved street view technology and applies it to some of the most famous fine art museums around the world. Now you can peruse Florences Uffitzi from the comfort of your own computer, without having to worry about any crazy tourists pushing you over with their oversize backpacks while fighting for the best view of Botticellis The Birth of Venus.

Not only can you virtually walk through galleries, but you can also click a particular painting and get all the deets you would ever need. While it might seem like a cop out to view the worlds masterpieces through the Internet, Googles high-def pictures allow you to zoom in close enough to see individual brush strokes, a detail that you might miss behind the glass at a museum.

Maybe most of the time you spent in Paris was taken up chasing beautiful girls for style inspiration? Or while you were in Amsterdam you spent too much time lounging in their famous coffee houses instead of with the Vermeers at the Rijksmuseum? And there was absolutely no way you could fit the Tate into your busy itinerary of pub crawls and tea times in London. Even here in New York, its way too cold and rainy out to venture to see some Andy Warhol at the MOMA! After spending a little time exploring Art Project, you can definitely learn all you need to know and impress your friends. Your parents might finally think that semester you spent abroad actually taught you something besides how to order drinks in a perfect German accent.

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