The Hills MTV: Premiere Recap


As promised, Kristin (aka the bitch) Cavallari is back and standing true to her reputation as the man eater on The Hills season 6. Cavallari has already managed (within the first five minutes of the first episode that is…) to spark hatred and jealousy amongst the other girls in a similar manner that LC was all too familiar with. You remember Laguna Beach, well it’s kind of like that but Justin Bobby (or Brody? the jury’s still out) is the new Stephen, Audrina is the new jealous ex girlfriend, Lo is Lo, Kristin is still a bitch, and Heidi and Spencer are married… Speaking of Spidey, we have an inkling that their honeymoon stage will be short lived. Can’t wait to see what the never-ending reality series will bring in next week’s 15 min (30 with commercials!!) episode.


Kristin’s cat fight with Audrina…


Kristin realizing that she might not have any friends that are girls…

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